4 x 4 Boat Show 2015

August 2015 saw introfish sponsored to exhibit its service in the 4×4 fishing and camping show at the Royal Melbourne show Grounds.
Another opportunity gratefully appreciated to met the public and to promote our service.

Not having any experience in exhibitions, its been an interesting journey in communicating and setting up a display for your service.
It was with great interest when watching passers by, stop and take in what we are doing then start to reach for a few coins to make a donation, being asked by their child, why were they giving us money?,

it was after watching a child trying to understand what we are doing that i could explain, that remembering a little fish, called Nemo, how he was born with a short fin and he was just a little bit different, when you saw the child smile you could see that they made the connection and realise that some children can be just a little bit different, hopefully becoming a little bit more compassionate and understanding of their surroundings and considerate towards other kids their age, that could be just a little bit different.

Melbourne Boat Show 2014

We exhibited our 1990 Streaker 585, an old girl to be refitted with the latest equipment for service in November 2014.
Our service was an instant hit with curious onlookers delighted in our concept and understanding of the need to be able to take special needs to the fish.

Smiles of delight, hand shakes and sometimes a hug of appreciation from people personally affected, it was a truly emotional experience for all of us.

August 2014 our boat went for repairs and over a weekend our boat was stolen without a trace.

Police media reported our loss and the response was incredible.
We have since been sponsored by Marine Creations in Dandanong with a complete outfit from Atomix Boats.
Major sponsors are now coming aboard and we have weekly radio interviews Melbourne radio 3mp 1377 am radio every Saturday morning around 645 am